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Granted, this is not much of a web page. (And don't expect fancy graphics, anyway :-)

It's just an unique entry point mainly to access the applets that I usually need during my Nethack games.


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(Frankly, I don't care any more about problems with IE, and you can always get Firefox for free ;-)
Please note: If the applets initially don't react, please apply the browser's reload button and retry.
(The newest versions of Firefox and IE do not show this malfunction any more.)


Nethack Spell Learning Success Rate Calculation

Nethack Spell Casting Failure Rate Calculation

Nethack Spell Expiry Notifier


Nethack Object Determination by Price

Version (with restricted output) for IE


Nethack Role Specific Weapons List


Nethack Castle Drawbridge Mastermind Solver

Here is the (former) single-line variant

Character Selection

Nethack Random Character Selector

Source Code (experimental)

Sewers dungeon type

sewers.c (C source code)

Sample (text file)

Town and Sewers dungeon type

Note: the code is polymorphic; if executed as 'town' the town generation will be active, otherwise the sewers generation.

town.c (C source code)

Sample (text file)

Offline Utilities

Random Character Selector

Kornshell Program

Usage Documentation


Crossing the Sea of Medusa using Boulders

Nothing Personal

Pictures of me and my pet bat ;-)

Usenet post about my first Nethack ascension, Subject: Ascension (long).

My personal NAO Ascension Statistics (role and race).

Some more statistics about the NAO Top-10 Z-Score Players.

Statistical results about the Difficulty of the Nethack Roles.

NAO deaths Condensed Data (based on NAO topdeaths) - updated weekly.


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